Tuning a Harpsichord

I was fortunate to be asked to tune the Carey Beebe harpsichord used in the re:SOUND Collective‘s rehearsal sessions for their concert An Italian Extravaganza. The rehearsals were held at the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music.


I also provided sound reinforcement for voice narration at the concert.

Baldwin Hamilton Studio Upright

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Likely built in 1987. Semi-gloss walnut finish. It belongs to Eunice Olsen, who brought it with her when she relocated home to Singapore after a stint in the U.S. Look at the way the whole front opens up! Eunice has named the piano ‘Jaws’.

In pretty good shape, though the hammers need voicing. I tuned it to A=441Hz, Equal temperament.

Scratching the Piano Technician Itch

Last year was far more ‘exciting’ than I would have liked. However, a few good things have come out of it, including the decision to take a gainful retirement. This allows me to scratch a major itch, which is to become a piano technician (at least on a part-time basis).

I have already done a few paid tuning jobs for some very satisfied piano friends.

As for piano regulation and voicing, all the reading I have done will be applied in an informal two-month informal apprenticeship with Mr. Eddie Low, the piano technician at the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music in Singapore. I am grateful to the YST Con and Eddie for this priceless opportunity. And of course I thank the two friends who helped to arrange this for me. One of these friends even kindly gifted an old Yamaha DU1A upright to me, knowing that I have put my Sauter grand up for sale.

Mr Kwan of Emmanuel & Sons has also very kindly been helping to refine my tuning skills.