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  1. Ben – I’m shocked you’re parting with your Omega. I remember reading on a piano forum years ago that you upgraded from the K8 to the Omega. So does E&S do consignment? Are you getting the Faziola baby grand?

    I’ve a Sauter M1 at home. It’s very nice sounding, and I have fallen asleep many times listening to my son play on it. However after I got the SK2, it became my son’s new fav as he said playing pianissimo was much easier on it. Some of his (Anime) songs also require him to hit the keys extremely fast which was easier on the grand.

    I’m unsure what to do with the M1 now, but decided that I should play on it (simple songs only) once in a while so that it doesn’t become an expensive piece of furniture. I still prefer its sound though (sweeter to me).

    All the best to your Omega sale.

  2. You’re doing without a piano for the moment? For piano lovers, that must be torturous. Even my teenage son couldn’t live without playing the piano daily (unless he’s really bogged down by sch work).

    Please share your new piano journey after things have settled down from your side. I’m sure it’ll make an interesting read.

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