The Omega gets its annual health check

Walter Haas arrived bright and early this last Saturday 20th June. He is in Singapore as usual to prepare the piano for the annual Singapore International Piano Festival. This year the Festival returns to the beautifully refurbished Victoria Concert Hall. I will be attending Imogen Cooper’s recital on Thursday 25th June.

First thing he did was of course to tune the piano. This took quite a while because it was punctuated by lots of chatting and a nice cup of coffee. There wasn’t much to be done at all. The action is still silky smooth, and the hammers in great shape. But then I have not played all that much because I’ve been too busy. And yet, despite the relatively light use, all but one of the inharmonic strings has ‘broken in’. The sole recalcitrant is one strong in the note just above the highest break, and even that was not so bad.

His verdict? The piano has settled in very well. The tone is rich and glorious, the sustain beautiful. Ideal for chamber music, he declared.

Walter by the way tunes a mild Well temperament, not that far away from the EBVT III that I tune myself. We both agree that Equal is probably the least sympathetic temperament. No key colour.

No pictures this time. I was so absorbed talking to him that I completely forgot to take any!