Ideas for DIY piano lights

I found some LED strip lights while browsing through my local IKEA store. Gave me ideas for building my own piano lamp from them. I’ll post again if I actually get around to implementing the ideas. The one thing I really won’t know until I try these lights is whether or not they are bright enough for my old eyes. (Click on the captions under the pictures to go to the IKEA product pages. The prices shown are in Singapore dollars.)

I thought I could use these at first. Clip on to the top of the piano desk, two side by side to cover the length of the piano desk. Unfortunately there isn’t enough clearance under the lamp for sheet music. Bummer.

The INREDA strip light is 55 cm long. To use it I’d have to find a light-weight clip-on desk lamp, and modify it to take the mounting bracket.

To use these I’d have to find a light-weight clip-on desk lamp with a 50+ cm housing. I’d then remove the bulb from the housing and stick these in to the back of the housing two strips side by side. Might be brighter than either the RIBA or INREDA options.

Or maybe two of these, clipped onto either side or the top of the music desk. Don’t know if the sheet music will be lit evenly or not.

And if I really want to get a Liberace vibe going then I’d stick these lights all around the inside of the case! And also along the rim of the lid perhaps?


3 responses

  1. Have you considered ‘Orchestra Light’ from Mighty Brigh?
    This is quite good and reasonably bright for 2 pages (instead of 4 pages as advertised).
    Note: it is cheaper to get it from Amazon than others outlet.

  2. Your welcome. Actually, I have been trying to get this item in Singapore but apparently they don’t sell this model. Only light with 1 or 2 LED lights are available here. Also note that this light is not sturdy enough to stand as shown in the ads ;(. You need to clip it.

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