GigBook – Sheet Music Reader for the iPad

Psst! Do you have an iPad and always wished you could use it for storing your sheet music and maybe use it on the music desk in a pinch? Well wish no more because there is GigBook!

You can even use it with accessories such as wired and wireless (Bluetooth) page turners and iPad mounting solutions.


2 responses

  1. Digitus08,

    The Yamaha C3 with Disklavier is a no go after my kids’ music teacher checked it out. The keys are loose from frequent play by the disklavier system even though the owner did not touch the keys much. So sad to disappoint the nice Mr Kwan.

    We are looking at an 8-yr old Kawai RX3 or RX2 tomorrow at Asiapiano. There is a 7-year old Bluthner and 2 year old Shigeru II which is way off my budget.

    Will keep you posted. Thanks for your input.

    How are you keeping up with your piano playing inspite of the work schedule?

    GH Yap

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