I made it through half of ‘Praeludium & Allegro’

The dinner came and went. My parents dropped by too, because they hadn’t seen our family friends in years. One of them they hadn’t seen in nearly two decades!

I did accompany Lynnette after all, but not for a complete piece. I spent about two hours over two days learning the Praeludium. I don’t sight read very well, and I learn music slowly, so I knew I wasn’t going to be able to learn the Allegro in time. For rehearsal purposes I turned to Nigel Kennedy’s recording on YouTube. When played on my iPhone the piano part is not so loud (because of my iPhone’s puny speakers) so I had the pleasure of having Nigel Kennedy as my rehearsal partner!

I’m going to try learn the whole piece. And then tackle Rachmaninoff’s ‘Vocalise’ as well as ‘Meditation’ from Massanet’s opera ‘Thaïs’. Lynnette suggested one of Beethoven’s violin sonatas as another target. I think she seriously overestimates my capabilities!

What was a revelation to most of the people was how glorious a good violin in the hands of a good violinist sounds in the home. Amazing. My new place with higher ceilings will be even better.


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