Accompanying a soloist

Last weekend, while at Lynnette’s home for dinner with other family friends from overseas, I suggested that everybody come to my home for dinner on August 8th (tomorrow). It’s intended as a sort of ‘farewell’ to my flat. I am moving to a new place on August 16th, after 18 years at my current place. Lynnette asked if we would like her to bring her violin. Of course the answer was a unanimous ‘yes!’ Then Lynnette looked straight at me and said: “And you are accompanying me, right?” I ummed and ahhed while she dashed to her bookcase of sheet music, pulled out some Kreisler and shoved it at me.

I had started thinking about accompanying a soloist, after watching and listening to friends accompanying Lynnette (playing violin, of course) at a couple of piano parties over the past year. I’d never done it before and here was Lynnette suggesting that I learn the music in one week. I did try, in between working and packing, but I’m not going to make it. So she’s on her own tomorrow.

But I will work on the music. I’ve started on ‘Liebesfreud’, but am putting that on hold because I want to learn ‘Praeludium and Allegro’ first. If you haven’t heard it before then here is my favourite version by Ida Haendel, accompanied by Alfred Holecek.


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