The Omega is now 6 months old!

The six-month mark was reached on 8th February.

Yesterday Alvin came by to do the first service. The action was regulated, and minor niggling problems fixed, such as a little squeak when the soft pedal is released. There is still a tiny click when the damper pedal is released. We know what the cause is, but will be consulting the factory on how best to fix it. Not a big deal.

Alvin also did some tuning, but not to change the temperament (which is still the Lehman). The tuning was to even out the voicing of the top two octaves of the keyboard, and to mute the slight tendency of a group of notes to twang when played forte, namely E3 to A#3. This latter problem is quite mysterious. The fact that the notes are grouped suggests  an issue with the room’s acoustics (specifically reflection off the ceiling, side wall or back wall). Anyway, the factory is being consulted about this too. The twanging can be completely removed by careful tuning, but it will come back again to varying degrees as the tuning drifts.

Overall the tone of the centre 3/4 of the keyboard has become more refined, due of course to the fact that that’s where most of the playing happens. The last two octaves in the treble will take more time to develop, but already the lowest notes of those notes are starting to open up more.

All the anxiety that I felt about buying this piano sight unseen has gone. The Omega is turning out to be a marvelous instrument.


2 responses

  1. Good to hear your Omega is settling in well and opening up nicely. I am similarly continually impressed with my upright and would not change it for the world!

    Your piano party sounds like fun – post some recordings maybe?..and as for the food – well I’m very hungry now after reading some of your links 🙂

  2. Well I was thinking about recording some of the playing. I haven’t yet found the right mic position/technique to capture what I hear. We’ll see.

    About the food, the majority of the food is spicy. Some of it is downright sinfully unhealthy. But its really delicious!

    I’m so glad you’ve found THE ONE. Your piano will only get better and better.

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