The Well tempered guitar!

So I was asked if it was possible to tune a guitar with the Lehman temperament. Of course I didn’t know, so I went looking for information (as usual). And guess what? The answer is yes, with Anders Thidell’s True Temperament fretting system.

Doesn’t come cheap though. An unlacquered neck, for electric guitar, will set you back EUR528 + 7% GST when it lands in Singapore. The necks fit all guitars that meet the industry standard Fender® Stratocaster® specifications, with no modifications. Optional finishes cost more. Or you can buy a complete guitar from one of several companies listed at the TT website.

If you want a Well temperered acoustic guitar, then you’ll have to pay EUR3,600 for a Sanden VRB TT! No nylon-strung guitars available yet, but TT has a prototype already finished.


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