Alternative interpretations of Bach’s graphic

Yesterday, I attended a Christmas gathering hosted by an early music exponent whose piano I had recently tuned to the Bach Lehman Temperament. I was talking about the ‘discovery’ of the BLT with a guest when it suddenly struck me that perhaps Bradley Lehman’s interpretation of the graphic in the WTC might not be the only valid one. So I went searching on the Web.

And sure enough there was some skepticism in the music community, some of which can be seen in correspondence published in The Journal of Early Music, vol. 33, no. 3, pp. 545-548. It was suggested by one correspondent, David Ponsford, that while Lehman’s temperament is a good one, that it should be called ‘Lehman 1’ rather than ‘Bach Lehman’ so that it leaves open the possibility of alternate interpretations of the graphic. Another correspondent, David Jencka, in fact does offer an alternative here. So being my usual an*l self I edited the title of my previous post accordingly. 🙂


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