How well does the Sauter factory prep its grand pianos?

Very well, apparently.

I mentioned in my post about my visit to the Sauter factory in March that all grand pianos pass through three sound-proofed prep and voicing rooms in one corner of the factory floor. Once done each and every one of them must pass Master Kaufmann’s critical evaluation before they are certified fit for shipping to the dealers.

The dealer then performs the following actions before delivering the piano to the customer:

  • Check/adjust plate bolts for tightening
  • Check/adjust hammer travel
  • Check/adjust hammer let-off
  • Check/adjust keybed seating
  • Tune

In my case, the piano arrived at my home straight from its crate. So the above actions were performed in my home. The next check (at least for my piano) is in February 2009, six months from delivery.


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  1. Hmm very nice Digitus 🙂 always good to read your updates. I have to say I am also extremely pleased with the M130 and how it appears to require very little if any adjustment other than a tune-up in a couple of weeks. Not something I can do myself however 🙂

  2. Genaa, glad to know that you are happy with the M130. But then we already knew that you would be even before it arrived anyway! I know its very naughty of me to suggest this, but you might want to consider learning how to tune it yourself, with the aid of Verituner. It really isn’t difficult, and you can’t do any damage if you are careful. 😀 On the other hand, if your tech can give you what you want then of course you are in good shape.

  3. Am certainly curious to try some alternative temperament tunings but my current tuner ‘only’ tunes aurally and I think it is probably very difficult to swap heads from an ‘ET Ear’ to ‘EBVT Ear’, I will certainly ask him when he visits on 13th Dec however.

    Am going for first lesson this evening and will commence the slog to ABRSM grade 8…. some nice pieces in the list however 🙂

  4. Tuning is a mechanical process. What an aural tuner needs is the ability to follow a fixed set of actions, and to listen to the requisite beat rates for specific note intervals. I am an impatient person sometimes and want to be able to fix tuning issues quickly. It would have taken too long for me to learn to tune aurally!

  5. yes sorry digitus, we have (only) two colleges now that teach piano tech and the three years is to become a qualified technician. To my knowledge there are no separately offered ‘tuning’ only courses.

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