New tuning, and the piano sounds even better

A couple of days ago I tuned the Omega to an ‘improved’ version of Bill Bremmer’s EBVT temperament, known as EBVT III. For stretch style, I used the one that Ron Koval’s uses for most grand pianos. The result is even more pleasing than EBVT 1992 that I been using for a month with Verituner’s built-in Clean stretch style. In particular the bass now has more depth and clarity. Overall the voice of the piano is now even more open, brilliant yet rounded and creamy. It’s very pleasing.

The treble seems to have gone a little bit flat. I’ll check later to see if it because of insufficient stretch, or if the tuning has in fact drifted downwards in the treble.

I did briefly try EBVT III with Clean stretch but the result was pretty awful in the bass. The notes from A0 to G#1 were between 12 to 25 cents flat, i.e., about 1/8 to 1/4 tone. Ugh.


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