Biting the bullet on a Fujan tuning hammer

I’ve been using a NewOctave Global tuning hammer since I started tuning my pianos myself. While it works fine, the flex in the shaft means that precision movement of the tuning pins is difficult to achieve. And because I am still learning the finer nuances of hammer technique, each tuning takes me quite some time. A temperament or stretch style change takes about three hours, while a maintenance tuning takes about 2 hours.

After reading about how the Fujan CarbonTube hammer can increase tuning precision and save some time, I decided to dig deep into the pocket to get one.


I ordered the 11″ hammer with a 15° head, 5/8″ tip extension, Watanabe #1, #2, and #3 tips, and a tip wrench. I rationalize away the cost of the hammer by amortizing it over the life of the hammer (which is a lifetime).


2 responses

  1. I’m a professional piano tuner. I’ve been using a Fujan for about two weeks now. Everything that people are saying about this hammer being the best thing ever is absolutely true. The hammer is the best. It makes the job of tuning easier, more precise, and more enjoyable. My old lever (that I loved) now has a new name, “Devils Horn”. LOL

    • Heheh. I think that even beginners and non-professionals like myself can benefit from the use of very stiff hammers like the Fujan. The extra precision and feel are well worth the price. And because these hammers last forever if you look after them you can amortize the cost over a very long period. Helps the pocket hurt a little less. 😛

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