Rediscovering Liberace

I’m ummm old enough to remember the Liberace shows on TV way back in the ’60s and ’70s. The man apparently had large hands, and boy did he put them to good use on the keyboard. And now with the magic of YouTube I am now able to enjoy again his phenomenal skills at the piano. Click HERE for the results of a YouTube search on ‘Liberace’.


2 responses

  1. Liberace was definitly an icon. I think he was one such pianist who enjoyed playing alot and shared his “feel” to the audience. End result – captivating and very entertaining performance. In “Liberace in London Classic Concertos”, his technique was superb. It’s like as easy as ABC for him seeing him fly through the keyboard.
    His glittering outfits were really something, better than Elton. After watching “Liberace in Vegas” and I think I still prefer him playing pop:-).
    I saw his Tchaikovsky video and couldn’t help think of Martha Argerich’s version – I think she played wonderfully in that one.
    R u going to put up something in Youtube with your Omega :-)?

  2. There’s been nobody like him before and since. Mind you, he did have a lot of great music to work with. And the TV was the main form of home entertainment then.

    No YouTube posts for me, but I will be posting something short in this blog to begin with, once I get some recording issues settled. Still trying to find the best stereo mic technique and location for my living room. I also listened to my first test recordings and I cringed.

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