The first regulation check and tuning

Last Friday Alvin spent a day at my home to regulate and tune the Omega. On the regulation side there wasn’t much to do other than to check that the action was still within spec. A couple of notes were a little twangy, and they still are but less so. We will wait a while more before addressing them. It is either due to strings not being level, or hammers needing a bit of sanding.

As for the tuning, Alvin gave me the ‘secret’ Sauter temperament, which I suspect is Almost Equal. My tinnitus-afflicted ears tells me that the higher octaves need a bit more stretch.

Alvin hard at work

Alvin hard at work

Alvin arrived at 1100h and left around 1900h. He worked right through, not stopping for lunch or to take a drink break! He then had to dash off for a dinner appointment with a visiting pianist from the U.S

While the cheek blocks were out I took the opportunity to snap a couple of pictures of the left-hand one, from the top and from the side facing the keys.

Left cheek block - top

Left cheek block -- top

Left cheek block -- side

Left cheek block -- side

The black inlays and engraved steel plates are custom work done at my request (and for a price). The right-hand cheek block has the Omega’s serial number on a steel inlay on the side facing the keys. I do have another set of spare cheek blocks in plain bubinga veneer. These will go into the piano should I ever sell it.


5 responses

  1. I’m not sure if hearing me play is a privilege or not! I’ll get around to recording something short soon. 🙂

  2. Hi My name is Alvin Tai and I used to take lessons from Alvin Wee. If you happen to see this message, can you please ask him to contact me via email? I currently live in the US and I would like to contact him after about 20 years. Thank you.

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