The Omega opens up

I have a confession to make. Last Tuesday 12th August I could no longer bear playing on the Omega with it out of tune. So rather than wait for the first tuning to be done by Alvin on 23rd August (this coming Friday), I broke my promise and tuned the piano myself. I used Verituner Pocket to get Bill Bremmer’s EBVT temperament, with Ron Koval’s ‘One for All’ stretch style. Of course, Alvin will be allowed to tune it using his secret Sauter temperament when he comes this Friday.

It’s been interesting listening to the voice of the Omega change since it was delivered on 8th August. It was initially a little too rounded, and there was very little difference in tone between soft pedal down and up. However, as the hammer contact points have hardened the tone has opened up somewhat. So the voice has gone from being very good, to even better now. The difference between soft pedal down and up is also more pronounced.


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