Soft pedal — 2 or 2.5 strings?

I am tempted to get Alvin to change the soft pedal to hit 2 strings (of 3-string unisons) instead of the factory default of 2.5 strings. (The 0.5 means that the third string is given a sort of glancing blow by the edge of the hammer). Since it is easy to play ppp on the Omega I thought that it would be nice if the soft pedal can be used to effect timbral changes that are more obvious.

Ulrich Sauter prefers a 2-string soft pedal. He calls it the ‘mountain moonshine’ timbre. This will actually work very well with a lot of the stuff that I am playing now. Hmmm….


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  1. Hi Digitus,

    Good to hear the new arrival is settling in well – I bet you are playing lots at the moment! Did you go for 2 string una corda or leave it at the default 2.5?

  2. Yes I am playing quite a bit now, largely because I have not had any business travel since the Omega was delivered. But the madness starts again in a couple of weeks’ time – one week in Amsterdam, followed by a few days back home, then a week in Ottawa, Canada.

    I left the soft pedal at the default 2.5 strings. The factory set the action travel such that 2.5 strings are hit at maximum shift. I need an additional 1-2 mm of travel, which just isn’t there. I’m not sure why the factory set it this way. Perhaps I should have indicated that I might want more travel. So in order to hit 2 strings the hammers will have to be angled slightly (in the horizontal plane) so that the third string in the 3-string unisons is missed completely. That’s too much messing around, so I’ll leave things as they are for the time being.

    I hope that your M-130 is settling in nicely too! 😀

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