The final countdown

Just one more ‘sleep’ and my new (rather large and heavy) baby will be here. I’m waiting for Alvin to tell me what time the delivery will happen tomorrow. It will be exactly 335 days after I confirmed the Omega order with Alvin on 9th September 2007, or:

  • 28,944,000 seconds
  • 482,400 minutes
  • 8040 hours
  • 47 weeks (rounded down)

It’s hard to believe that exactly 11 months have passed in a flash, and so much water has passed under the bridge in that time.

I will be having dinner with Lynnette Seah (co-leader of the SSO) and some close family friends this coming Sunday. She wants an update on my attempt to learn to play the violin, and also wants to hear my story about starting again on the piano and buying the Omega.


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