Ravenscroft pianos

Spreeman Piano Innovations makes Ravenscroft pianos. There are two models, a 220cm one and a 275cm one. It turns out that these pianos contain a lot of Sauter DNA. The Ravenscroft Model 220 is the equivalent of the Sauter Omega 220, and the Ravenscroft Model 275 is the equivalent of the Sauter Concert 275.

Ravenscroft Model 220

Ravenscroft Model 220

Sauter supplies the the finished rim assembly with the keybed, lyre legs, pedal work and all hardware. They also supply the action, hammers and keyboard, the finished plate and the raw Ciresa soundboard sheet. Spreeman does all work on the soundboard, produces the bridges, ribs etc. The Ravenscroft action geometry is different and there are slight string scale changes.

Ulrich Sauter says that there are some minor differences in terms of voice (and touch), especially since the soundboard has a Steinway “belly rail”, which Sauter does not have (nor believe in). But all in all the general Sauter “sound character” is still there. He goes on to say that this proves that the string scale is mainly responsible for the sound of a piano.


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  1. As a point of clarification, there are several differences between the wonderful Sauter grand pianos and the finished Ravenscroft pianos.

    All grand pianos have a “belly rail”, including the Sauter models 220 and 275.

    I’m not certain what is meant by a Steinway belly rail, but rest assured that our belly rails are nothing like Steinway’s as ours are made with horizontally laminated beech for maximum structural integrity.

    Sauter uses mahagony laminated rims, where-as ours are cross laminated with mahagony and beech for added strength and rigidity.

    Although it is quite a compliment to have our sound compared to Sauter’s (thank you!), I feel they are very different as a result of the concept, soundboard, bridge, scale, and action design. Sauter uses a very light, low mass soundboard and bridge assembly with a low tension scale. The Ravenscroft has high mass bridges, board and a high tension scale. But the only way to know for sure is to personally experience one, so what are you waiting for!

    Best regards,
    Michael Spreeman

  2. Hi Michael,

    Thanks very much for writing and for your clarifications! 🙂

    About the belly rail, I apologise for my imprecise language. I should have said that Steinway also uses a belly rail. And of course there are difference in voice between your pianos and those from Sauter. I hope that I have not caused too much unhappiness on either side of the Atlantic with what I wrote.

    Your pianos look absolutely terrific!

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