There is now a sailing date!

The ship to Singapore departs Hamburg port on 15th July. Scheduled arrival is on 6th August. Fastest customs clearance takes 3 days, after which the piano will be taken to the shipping agent’s warehouse to be un-crated. I have asked to be present to witness the uhhh emergence from the ‘egg’. So delivery to my home looks like it will happen in the week of 11th August.


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  1. Hello,

    Would like to seek your opinion. I am thinking of buying a Yamaha YM5 since it is on sale now. Any opinion on this piano model?

    Thanks & rgds.

  2. Hi Val,

    I have not played the YM5 before. Is it being sold by Yamaha or by a grey market importer?

  3. I suspect that the YM5 is made in Indonesia, and Yamaha is trying to clear some excess stock by off-loading them in Singapore during the Great Singapore Sale (is it still on?).

    Since it is being sold by Yamaha ask them about the YM5’s country of manufacture. Also ask them what is its nearest equivalent in the made-in-Japan models. If one assumes that Yamaha maintains strict QC in their Indonesian factory, a decent warranty period is offered, and the price is significantly lower than that of the equivalent Japanese-made model then I guess its an OK buy.

    Personally I don’t care for the Yamaha tone. But others do, and you might too! 🙂

  4. Have you decided on a name for your baby boy Sauter yet digitus?

    I have visions of you standing in a warehouse with a birthday cake whilst dock workers give you strange looks hehe 😉

  5. No, not yet. I used to be partial to the name ‘Kurt’, but it doesn’t seem to fit somehow.

    Cake? Bwahaha…. I may be obsessive compulsive about pianos but I do know when to stop. Uhh…sometimes. 😀

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