Look after your piano and it will last a lifetime

I have been following this thread on the longevity of pianos made in China, Indonesia and Korea. It gets particularly interesting following this post by Del Fandrich on page 4 of the thread. In case you don’t know who Del is just google on “Delwin Fandrich”. The other rebuilders participating in the thread know what they are talking about because they have been in the business all their lives. In Rod Verhnjak’s instance he followed his father into the business.

This thread basically says: If you buy a recently made ‘value’ piano or one from Kawai or Yamaha, it will last you a lifetime if you look after your piano and get it serviced (i.e., regulated and voiced) once or twice a year and properly tuned 3 – 4 times a year (my recommendation). The question is then whether the piano is worth spending the money on. I say it is because it enhances the playing experience, regardless of whether you have a Tier 1 or Tier 4 piano.

Many people are skeptical that proper regulation, voicing and tuning can make that much of a difference, until they experience it for themselves with their own pianos. But does your dealer have the ability to help you bring out the best in your piano?


2 responses

  1. Sometimes there are just a few certain things in life that you will be better off to learn and DIY. For e.g. cooking a favourite dish. If one cannot find a cook who can cook the dish to one’s liking, then its better to learn and DIY.

  2. Coincidentally, one of the posts that I have in draft form is about the wisdom (or folly) of trying to DIY with the piano. Will post it soon.

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