Oh, the agony!

I just got email from the Sauter factory. The Omega will be sent to Hamburg port next Monday. And that means arrival in Singapore in the week of 28th July, nearly 11 months after I placed the order!

Let’s see. All good things come to those who wait. The thrill is in the wanting, not the having. Not long now, not long now. 😛


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  1. Hi Digitus,

    Slowly but surely ever closer! Like the Guinness adverts used to say “all good things come to those who wait” and what a good thing is coming your way!

  2. Heheh…well I’ve waited 10 months already. I think I will survive another 3 weeks or so. 😛

  3. am about to go through a shorter version of the same if I proceed with ordering the M-line 130 – could take upto January I am told….

  4. Heheh…remember the Guinness ad indeed.

    You know what, since you live the UK, you might want to consider making a request to be allowed to select from between two M-130s at the factory at the appropriate time. Travel in Europe is relatively being relatively inexpensive and all.

  5. hmmm not a bad idea, my folks live in France, about a day’s drive from the border so it could be done with an overnight stop whilst visiting them I guess.

    How does one go about organising a visit to the factory however? Through the dealer? I would need to pay a 50% deposit prior to the dealership ordering me one but at least if I had a choice of two I could pick the one which I most liked – always awkward contemplating purchasing something on a sight unseen basis, although I have no qualms about the quality of manufacturing, particularly after your report of the factory and comments Alvin has posted me on the PW forums.

    Would welcome your advice on setting up a trip!

  6. Do have a chat with the dealer to see if what I suggest is acceptable. And yes, factory visits are organized through your dealer.

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