Alfred Brendel on music

This is actually the title of a collection of essays by Alfred Brendel, combining most of two earlier essay collections Musical Thoughts and Afterthoughts (1976) and Music Sounded Out (1991). The combined collection was published last year, and includes extensive revision of a few articles. For those who are interested, the publisher is Chicago Review Press, and the ISB number is 1 55652-408-0

As you probably already surmised from my earlier posts I am primarily exploring the two composers who straddled the Classic and Romantic periods, namely Beethoven and Schubert. This book is tremendous! Brendel’s views about these two composers are illuminating. Even if you don’t play the music yourself, these essays help you to at least listen with better ears.

Brendel really has something to say. Even if some of his views can be rather controversial, at least he has formed them from a position of deep scholarship and as one of the foremost interpreters of piano music by Beethoven and Schubert.

I’ll probably add new posts as I work my way through the essays.


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