My next piano will be…

…an Overs 225. I just need to find the space and the money for it! It’s frustrating when you can’t win the lottery on demand heheh.

Jokes aside, Ron Overs is a piano maker based in Sydney, and he makes the most astounding pianos. His website is here. You can listen to samples of the Overs 225 No.003 here. He hasn’t been updating the website much lately, but tells me that at least the ‘Pianos for sale’ section is up-to-date. Orders are now open for Overs 225 No.008!

One of the things that tipped me towards the Sauter Omega 220 was Ron’s recommendation to a couple of PW members to take a serious look at the Omega during their piano searches. He reckons that the Omega is a fine example of what can be achieved in a modern grand piano of this size. You can find the postings here and here. Also, back in 2006 there was a big fuss about whether or not Larry Fine would move Sauter into Tier 1. This was Ron’s comment. When someone like Ron says he likes a piano then there must be something there worth investigating.

[Edit: I was reading some old posts from June, and realised that I’d already written about Ron’s opinion about the Omega! My apologies for repeating myself and sounding like a Sauter zealot in the process!]

If my aural memory of the Omega is reliable, I’m guessing that the Omega and the Overs 225 have similar tonal characteristics. I’ll know soon enough.


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