The Kawai K-8 has been sold!

PW member macdoc and his wife saw my post in PW last week, and came by on Sunday 18th May to have a look and play on the K-8. He rang me on Tuesday 20th May to make an offer, which I accepted. His piano movers will be picking the piano up on Wednesday 28th May.

So, I’ll be without a piano to play on for 3+ weeks (assuming that the Omega arrives as expected in the week of 16th June). I wonder if Alvin will let me camp out in his shop to play on the Alpha?


2 responses

  1. One day I decided to buy a piano for my wife as a surprise present. I had no idea as to her preferences. My knowledge of the piano and the piano industry in Singapore was plain abysmal as recent as two weeks ago when I first entertained the thought. Due to extenuating circumstances, once the decision was made, the piano had to be procured as soon as possible.

    I did a search and chanced upon this thread

    Thus began my short but incredibly intense search through most of the better known places to buy a piano in Singapore.

    My personal choice would have been a Sauter Master Class 130. The piano literally sold itself and Alvin clinched the deal.

    Two common recurring themes I got was, ” ….. the tone/handling of a piano is very personal …” and the second was, ” … the piano is a very individual instrument and no two pianos are exactly alike …” Thus I decided to “confess” my little secret and repeated the search with her in tow to play many, many, many pianos.

    She played a K8 at Robert Piano. It sounded great to her. When she played the K8 at Ben’s place, she thought it sounded amazingly better. The next day she tried a few more pianos but it did not seem the same anymore; I guess her mind was made up. If not the Sauter M-130, then it would be this. And of course the clincher this time was Ben 🙂

    Neither Alvin nor Ben “sold” their pianos. They allow us to buy a piano that my wife really, really like.

  2. Confessing was the right thing to do! A piano is one of those things you never ever give as a surprise, if you know what’s good for you. 😀

    I’m very happy that the K-8 is going to a good home.

    And I am serious about my offer to tune the piano for you. The temperament that I use is one of the reasons why that piano sounds so good. It’s likely not 100% right yet, or so thinks the guy who invented that particular temperament.

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