It is done!

On Sunday 9th September 2007 I rang Alvin and told him that I will be placing an order for an Omega. Extracted below are parts of my post to the PW Piano forum on 11th September 2007:

“It’s really unnerving to buy such an expensive piano sight unseen (sound unheard?). However, strong endorsements from knowledgeable PW members, via posts and PMs, gave me confidence that I would not be disappointed.

“My Omega will be a custom job in terms of finish and voicing. The piano will be mostly polished black, but Alvin and I are looking at options for different finishes for the plate, fallboard, cheek blocks, underlid, and inner rim. (Would it be too over-the-top to have my name inlaid on one of the cheekblocks?)

“Delivery is slated for April 2008, so its going to be a long nine-month wait. At least that will give me time to re-organize my flat to make space for the new baby (it will be a boy, by the way). Please don’t ask me how on earth I managed to swing an April delivery when production until July 2008 has been spoken for.”


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