If not now then when?

After the health scare I decided then that I would really try to see if I could swing the purchase of a high-end grand piano. I was certain that I would have to go more in debt to fund it. It is not financially prudent, but maybe I should fulfill my dream now, while I can still play (and hear). Life is short, and I’d like it to be as fulfilling and meaningful as possible.

I asked Alvin for the price of an Omega. I got the number after a few days. An attractive discount had been given, but the nett price was still an enormous number. The only things I had ever paid more for were my flat and my car!

Alvin had one request, that I allow him to bring prospective Omega buyers to my home to play on the piano. He got halfway through asking the question, but I guessed what was coming, and said ‘yes’ before he finished the sentence. I had already decided that I’d offer that to Alvin should I decide to buy the piano.

After some financial juggling it looked like I might just be able to swing the purchase of an Omega.


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