Where should the piano go?

When the K-8 arrived I told the piano movers to put it at my chosen location, where the piano is at right angles to the wall. This was because I had some other stuff in the vicinity that precluded the siting of the piano with its back to the wall.

The stuff was eventually cleared away and the wall was freed up. I got some friends to help me put some Magiglide furniture glides under the K-8’s casters, after which I could move the piano around relatively easily by myself. And so I pushed the piano up against the wall.

Oof! The sound was intolerable. It was too in-your-face, too loud, and tonally unbalanced. Are upright pianos really designed to be backed up against a wall? I experimented with different back-to-wall distances and different angles but could never find a satisfactory location. The alternative was to put some sound absorbers between the back of the piano and the wall, but that would have been too ugly. (A popular trick used in many Singapore homes is to put a thin foam mattress behind the piano, but that would have been really ugly.)

After a couple of months I moved the piano back to its original location, perpendicular to the wall, with the back facing into part of the living room.

Here are a couple of pictures of the K-8 at its final location.


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