The K-8 stutters, and is replaced by a new one

Around about June 2007, I started to have problems with the K-8’s action. A couple of notes here and there started to double-strike when played ppp. After some research I figured that maybe the let-off distance was too close. By July the problem had gotten worse to the extent that many notes in the treble were double-striking at ppp, and a few in the tenor section as well. A check via a post on Piano World told me that the the let-off distance of about 1mm I was seeing in the K-8 was within spec.

I thought I’d try increasing the let-off a little to see if that had any effect, so I bought a regulating kit online. Sure enough, setting the let-off distance to about 4mm resolved the double-strike problem. But the piano’s regulation was now out of spec. That couldn’t be right! For the next three months I got Robert Piano to send out three different tech four times, each time they would set the let-off to spec, but then be unable to stop the double-strikes. Michael Thien, Robert Piano’s general manager, came along on the final visit with Eddie Low (resident piano tech at the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music). All were completely baffled by the problem.

Michael decided that RP should replace the K-8 with a new one. I selected one of two units prepared for me to test in the Parkway Parade showroom. It was delivered on 9th October 2007.


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