I started this blog today, 20th May 2008, some one-and-a-half years after returning to the piano keyboard in December 2006. There is a lot to catch up on, and I will attempt, as much as I can, to put events in chronological order. Some of the entries were reconstructed from posts that I had made on the Piano World Forums.

I have had a lot of fun finding out about the piano and teaching myself on the keyboard. I gathered a huge amount of material in the process, but it is scattered all over the place. Some of it I forgot I had. So I thought it best to organize the material with the help of a blog, and this is it. I hope that you find at least some of it useful to you. If some of it seems obsessive, well, it is because I have a natural curiosity about things that are of interest to me.

I am not a good pianist and my repertoire is minuscule. I don’t know much about western classical music, and even less about Chinese classical music (though I am Chinese by ethnicity). But I derive tremendous enjoyment and satisfaction from teaching myself how to play the notes and then to play the music embodied in the notes.

As in such endeavours, the frustrations and small triumphs are all part of the experience. The value is in the journey and the musical discovery, not necessarily the destination. If I had known this 27 years ago I am certain I would not have stopped playing this amazing musical instrument.

And lastly, please don’t be upset or surprised that the contents of posts change from time to time. I am doing a ‘core dump’ to the blog so will re-arrange or re-write material as more content is published. Also, since I live in Singapore there are of course posts in which the content is appropriate only to the Singapore context.


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